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A few words to begin - why this particular site?

A few words to begin…

Not so long ago ago, I would not have believed that I would be giving piano lessons via the Internet with such good results (cf. opinions from my students ). It would seem that, after fulfilling certain important conditions, this method is excellent, offering the students an exceptional efficiency in their work. What is more, online coaching motivates them to develop a strict discipline in organizing their practice sessions.

It is far from insignificant to note that with this method the students must record themselves regularly, which in itself is very important and useful for their work.


Why this particular site?

I am not one of those lucky people who were born with exceptional manual abilities for the piano. Nonetheless, I was successful in developing a good pianistic technique by analyzing my playing and studying books by pianists and pedagogues. As it turned out, the methods I developed for my own use are equally efficient for my students and for other pianists, so I have decided to share them more generally.

Why piano coaching?

To only read about a technical solution is rarely sufficient for the reader.

He/she must still apply this solution in practice, and doing so is not evident for everyone. There are several reasons for this.

No two pianists in the world have identical hands, with the same way of thinking and with similar habits or reflexes. And yet we play by reflexes, there is no other way.

What is more, young students do not have sufficient experience to control and modify their playing in a satisfactory way, and the process of practicing means increasing one's self-discipline and optimizing one's practice sessions. Few of us are successful at this when practicing without a personalized control system.

Hence my idea to enlarge my former site from the unique “Internet > students” direction to that of a two-way street “students > teacher > students”. This creates the possibility to work on the individual weaknesses of each student. In the following points outlined on this page, please read how my Internet lessons are organized and what I feel are their pros and cons.


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