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Piano Technique - Practice

13. How to Play Liszt Easier and... More Correctly?

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Quotations from Liszt and Chopin
“The hands must hover over the keyboard rather than stick to it.”
“The surface of the distant part of the finger must rest almost entirely on the key.”
“Grab the chord, drawing the fingers slightly inwards towards the palm, and do not let them fall on the keys like lifeless pokers.”
“Caress the key, never bash it!”
“Hold the hand as if suspended in the air (without gravity).”
“The same does not mean in the same way.”
“The left hand should be like a conductor; it is like a clock. As for the right, do with it what you will, and what you can.”
Liszt is at this moment playing one of my Etudes […] I wish I could steal his manner of rendering my own pieces.”


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