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Solutions concerning technique and interpretation

Chopin - Etude in A minor, op. 25 n° 11

1. The fifth measure of this Etude was my example when I spoke of developing exercises in Preliminary Advice.

The way to practice the staccato sixteenth notes has been described in chapter 8, point and visible on the video included below.

My recording from December 15th 2011 YouTube

2. Seven exercises for measure 5 and all similar ones. In the excerpt below I have used red to indicate the most difficult spots resulting from the use of Chopin’s fingering. In this case, all one needs is to dutifully apply the technique known as “skimming over the keys”, that is to say moving the fingers as close to the keyboard as possible so that the attack is produced with the least amount of movement on the notes indicated in red.
N.B. It goes without saying that you should modify these exercises if you use another fingering.
Exercises 4 and 5 of 7

3. Measure 17 and those similar are characterized by a double difficulty for the LH: the speed of playing the notes as well as the pedaling.
The speed of playing depends, above all, on reducing the silence between the C and C-sharp. Concerning the use of the pedal, a less experienced pianist “loses” the lower note of the arpeggiated chord, which lessens the harmonic richness and simply does not sound good. The correct way to use the pedal is always the combination of three things: [...] 
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