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Solutions concerning technique and interpretation

Chopin - Etude in C Major, op. 10 n° 1

My video recording from December 19th 2014 YouTube
Audio excerpt of this video - section “Too Fast”

1. Measure 8
The trick learned from Professor Woytowicz is this: if it is uncomfortable to play the accented D-sharp with the RH, it is possible to use the LH. Nevertheless, one must do so carefully because there is a risk of playing this accent too loudly, which happened to Woytowicz in 1959.

2. Exercises 1 and 2 of 8
On a more serious note now: the first two exercises below were created by Professor Woytowicz. The next two exercises (in the third staff) are mine. I composed them according to the widespread idea that one of the most difficult things to master is a fluid horizontal movement of the hand, that is to say the precise coordination between the thumb and the other fingers. These exercises should be played in every octave, but one must above all practice this exercise for the most difficult measures. You can also play the other measures, but know that if you master the most difficult, there is a greater chance that the others will “play themselves”.

3. A trick for practicing
To listen more carefully to the RH one can practice without the pedal. LH piano and staccato (cf. Etude op. 10 n° 12).

4. A few useful pictures

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