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Advanced Piano Coaching Online

4. Why piano coaching?

To only read about a technical solution is rarely sufficient for the reader.

He must still apply this solution in practice and doing so is not evident for everyone. There are several reasons for this: no two pianists in the world have identical hands, with the same way of thinking and with similar habits. What is more, a young student does not have sufficient experience to control and modify his playing in a satisfactory way - the process of practicing means increasing one's self-discipline and optimizing his practice sessions.

Few of us are successful at this when practicing without a personalized control system, which is the origin of my idea to enlarge my former site from the unique “Internet > student” direction to that of a two-way street “students > teacher > students”. This creates the possibility to work on the individual weaknesses of each student. In the following points outlined on this page, please read how my Internet lessons are organized and what I feel are their pros and cons.


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