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Opinions about the Site from Internauts and my Students

SPAIN: Comment of a student by video / internet
Watching myself [on the video] and then comparing with you is most useful. It helps me understand. I’ve been reading your lessons in your site and the more I read, the more I like them. I congratulate you for being accurate, clear and illustrative. It is an excellent pedagogical work. Your explanations are almost scientific. Really amazing! I’m enjoying very much learning this way. Thank you again.

BRAZIL: Comment of a student by video / internet
I’m really happy! For the first time I’m feeling that I am making progress, thanks for your teaching. I tried to play the Chopin’s Etude and my God! That was really easier and sounded more relaxed too.

ENGLAND: Comment of a student by video / internet
I have been working with Aleksander Woronicki for almost two years now. From our first contact, he was able to see and point to me frankly all the defects of my playing, which was a little frustrating at the beginning as I am a professional musician myself. But I knew he was right and I decided to get into the adventure, leaving my ego aside and receiving each of his remarks with humility. I have to say I have no regrets today, I can play much more easily and I now know that my technical abilities are much larger than I imagined. In Aleksander Woronicki, I have not found just a teacher, but a master who has the vocation to convey his immense knowledge to anyone who wants to benefit from it, a knowledgeable pedagogue who gives a great deal of himself to his students, a great concert pianist who leaves nothing to hazard and to whom every detail is important, and, of course, on the human level, a genial person, open, patient and generous. He who agrees to follow his advice exactly will soon find himself a greater musician.

FRANCE: Comment of a “live”, traditional student
Aleksander Woronicki knows to decompose every difficulty. He knows how to observe and detect blocking points and systematically proposes a simple solution. In fact Aleksander has always in reserve a multitude of small, simple exercises that to smooth each problem. You must follow his advice, all the little “tricks” that he distils patiently allowing us to progress without realizing it.

BELGIUM: Patrick FRASELLE - message on FB
“Your site on the piano is of an extraordinary richness. Your research is fine, powerful and very pedagogic. I have studied and shared it in my own writing on the piano on my personal sites.”
Patrick Fraselle, pianist, composer, improvisator, professor of piano - FB
FRANCE: Françoise Hock, University of Strasbourg - message on FB
“How to Study Chopin’s Etudes?”: “extremely useful”

FRANCE: E-mail from a new student by video / internet
“Normally, after stopping this long (two weeks), resuming work takes a long time and is painful for my fingers. This time, it was not the case. I sat down at my piano this morning with the impression of having left it only yesterday, and everything happened as if I had never stopped. What is clear is that the techniques you teach, even if I have not yet mastered them and there is still much to correct, have given me an enormous impression of economy for my fingers. After only five lessons with you, and even through the means of internet, I feel an true change in my fashion of approaching my own playing and my instrument. All of these changes are beneficial and motivating for the future. THANK YOU.”

FRANCE: Christian Her - composer, arranger, pianist, piano teacher - message on FB
“I briefly visited your personal site around pianistic technique (I am myself a pianist and professor) and I can only congratulate the way you treat in the best possible way many subjects which have greatly interested me for a long time. A great initative.” - FB
FRANCE: Lucie Phantoy - Caen
Chapter 5 - “Characteristics of the Keyboard”: “GREAT THANK YOU!!!!!!”

POLAND: Debussy - Nocturne L.82 - e-mail from a student by video / internet
“The use of rotating movements in the wrist really worked miracles! Why has no one ever spoken of this before? My left hand is getting along better with this accompaniment! I have always had problems with this kind of arpeggio and now I can play them successfully.” - FB
FRANCE: Lucie Phantoy - Caen: “Look at this blog - purely marvellous!!!!!”
Mick Daes, works at the Ministy of Education: “fantastic”
Chapter 7 - The Weight of the Hand

POLAND: Chopin - Scherzo n° 1: e-mail from a “live”, traditional student
“I can say with my hand on my heart that now I play so much easier than before thanks to one of your comments: do not play vertically in a downwards direction, but as if you want “to push the piano forwards”. In all simplicity, this is magical - I feel no resistance whatsoever! I only wonder why no one explained this to me before…”
Explanation of this technique in Chapter 2 - “Elongated fingers, the bridge and the crane”

FRANCE: E-mail from a student by video / internet
“You are correct, my left hand is not perfectly symmetrical with the right. I have tried to correct this problem a bit and even though it is not perfect, I can sometimes feel the proper movement, but more on three notes than on two, I continue to practice.” - YT
POLAND: 100of1000: “What a magnificent web site in the description, I’m lucky!”
original post on YouTube

FRANCE: E-mail from a left-handed student by video / internet
“I did not realize to what extent I did not keep the tempo in this piece, even if it wasn’t easy to put everything together with the metronome. On the other hand, replacing long notes by shorter ones, and to use the metronome sparingly is very efficient and has greatly helped.

Even if I am far from perfection, it’s nice to feel my right hand loosen up bit by bit and start to move. I’m starting to feel more secure in what I’m asking it to do.”



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