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How to play the piano easier...

1. A few words to begin…
A few years ago, I would never have believed myself that I would be giving piano lessons via the internet with such good results (cf. Opinions from my students). It would seem… More

2. Why this particular site?
I am not a part of those lucky people who were born with exceptional manual abilities for the piano. Nonetheless, I was successful in developing a good pianistic technique… More

3. How to play the piano rapidly without harmfully tensing up your hand?
The above-mentioned question occurs in several letters I received from young pianists and is certainly one that I will be asked frequently in the future. For example, not so… More

4. Why piano coaching?
To only read about a technical solution is rarely sufficient for the reader. He must still apply this solution in practice and doing so is not evident for everyone. There are several… More

5. What is my method?
For an experienced pianist, pianistic movements are as natural as breathing. On the other hand, students use many unnecessary movements, often neglecting or unaware… More

6. Fees and conduct lessons (Terms and Conditions of Sale - Articles 2, 3 and 4)
2.2 Lessons break down as follows […], 2.3 Fees for lessons and subscriptions […] More
3.3. Lesson - the first step. The Student sends the Professor the main video recording of the selected piece or excerpt and a score with his own fingering. In response… More

7. Example: How do my lessons take place on the internet?
You will find on this page the excerpts of our correspondence and - above all - my advice and comments on the videos sent by my student Alexis, 27 years old. He had… More

8. Pros and cons of piano lessons online
In my system, each lesson is recorded and archived - the student's videos and all of my advice. Thus we can come back to them frequently, replaying former videos in order... More


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