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Aleksander Woronicki

Prizes at international competitions:
F. P. Neglia (Enna, 1st prize), M. Magin (Paris, 2nd prize), Épinal, Terni, Porto

Founder of Paderewski Association in Paris
Organizer of Paderewski Festivals in Paris (1988-1991)

Recordings: Polish Radio and TV, Polish Recordings, Radio France Musique, French TV, Paderewski Association in Paris

Live recordings: CD 1, CD 2, CD 3

Concerts: Poland, France, Italy, Austria, USA
Currently living in the Paris region

A few press clippings

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Paris, “Le Monde”, 1983 - “Woronicki, piano discovery”
“Aleksander Woronicki is a pianist of a great dimension. His play is royal. It is a light. Favoured by lights. He is meant to be a soloist like others are born to be architects or philosophers, against all the solitudes. [...] Am I to describe his technique? That way of succeeding in the most arduous things without any semblance of difficulty? Or am I rather to write that he seems to think over work from the beginning to the end as if he were reconstructing it firmly up to perilous triplets?”
Lisbon, “Jornal de Letras, Artes e Ideias”, 1984
“[...] his interpretation of Bach, Beethoven, Mussorgsky (“Pictures at an Exhibition”) was marked with seriousness, clear, without the slightest show of affectation, but it is his Chopin which would have been Arthur Rubinstein’s favourite, had he been there.”
London, “Polish Journal”, 1985
“Aleksander Woronicki is a dramatic pianist. He has a wonderful technique, a clear and firm touch and a great sense of rhythm.”
Paris, “Le Figaro”, 1988
Reconstitution of Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s first concert in Paris (3.3.1888 - 3.3.1988)
Vienna 1989
Reconstitution of Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s first concert in Vienna (24.1.1889 - 24.1.1989)
Vienna 1989
“Woronicki proved to be a serious pianist with remarkable technique. His touch is truly able to make sing the melodious.”
Vienna 1989
Vienna 1989
Chartres, “L’Écho Républicain”, 1986
Chartres, “La République du Centre”, 1985
Chartres, “L’ Écho Républicain”, 1985 - “A Pianist of Future”
“One can consider him without hesitation as an interpreter of exceptional qualities - one of those interpreters who put their mark on what they do, who are always able to add a dimension to the score, to affirm their personality while remaining faithful to the work.”
LiIIe, “Croix du Nord”, 1986
“[...] a very rich talent, the taste of colourful timbre, a sure technique. Here is an artist whose sincerity, knowing no gratuitous effects, and intimate communion with the works he plays arouse great interest of music lovers and stimulate their curiosity.”


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